Clicker Heroes game

Clicker Heroes is a touch-sensitive hand tour. In the game, you need to eliminate all kinds of monsters by constantly sliding the screen. You can hire heroes for a simple operation to help you attack monsters. Here you can experience unique checkpoints and lovely cartoon images, so Clicker heroes are still very playable.

Clicker Heroes’ gameplay

You destroy monsters by constantly sliding the screen. The heroes you hire can make you get twice the result with half the effort in the battle. They each have their characteristics, and after they meet a certain level, they will also open up unique skills and then use their skills to carry out automatic attacks. When fighting monsters, the operation is simple, and you only need to click on the screen. In Clicker heroes, there are two kinds of damage to monsters. One is clicking on the screen. Its cost fix, but it can deepen as you upgrade. The second is automatic injury, which is to use heroes to attack.

Clicker heroes’ game features

In Clicker heroes, you can challenge multiple game levels and feel the monsters and boss; at each different level. You can set up a guild here and find friends who share your interests. You can also launch nine active skills here to help you on your way to success.

In Clicker Heroes, you will be able to choose and upgrade your favorite heroes, enjoy killing monsters and collect gold. You will be able to explore a new world in this exciting adventure.  Of course, if you like to challenge shooting games, raze will be able to take you through space for an ultimate shooting match. Do you dare to take a challenge?

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